Wednesday, September 1, 2010

MTC Week 6

Hello world! How is it going?

I'll start with the questions portions:

1. Is the MTC a lot tougher than school?
- haha Yes it is. It is a lot harder than school. I can't believe how much harder it is. But it is way more rewarding than school (for now) haha. I know big Cory will probably give me a talk about how school is going to be very important and stuff. I understand that but for now, I feel like studying in this area (the Gospel) is the most important/benifical thing for anyone.

2. How did I write my letter from the Laundry room?
- There are computers down here. I am in the laundry room right now as I type!

3. Is Scabies like chicken pox?
-haha Sure.. It is itchy, leaves a rash, and no one is happy when they have it.

4. What time do I get dear elders?
-They come about 3 pm but I normally don't pick them up tiil after dinner. I LOVE dear elders. Please keep sending them! Well I mean, letters are way better than dear elders but dear elders are awesome too.

5. What is my estimated MTC departure date?
-October 5th. I don't know why everyone keeps saying the 11th. It better not be the 11th. I want to get to Albania ASAP!!!

6. How is the food/ am I eating it?
- The food is alright haha. It is getting older with every meal but it's pretty good. Yes I do eat it haha.

7. Have I gained weight?
- I have gained about 5-10 pounds but I think a lot of it is muscle. I am in way good shape right now and I have been eating pretty healthy (weird huh?) I work out every night and run every day. I have been doing pushups and abwork and then shoulder and chest and biceps and back with "the bands". I really want to get some of my own bands before I leave. I think you can get them at Golds Gym. That's where Elder Holmes got his. I just use his for now. I'm not trying to boast or anything ha but I'm getting pretty ripped. This is the first time I have ever worked out every day for 6 weeks straight. It's pretty crazy

8. Have I gotten a package from Kend/ how often does she write me?
- She hasn't written me yet.. I am still waiting to hear from her...... Just kidding haha. She writes me every week and I have gotten two things of cookies from her! She's the bestttttt! ha Yeah I am being treated well here haha.

9. Did I get a letter from Jackson/ Donna?
- I never got the letter from Jackson. I was so dissapointed cause I was looking forward to hearing from him when you told me he wrote me but I haven't gotten anything yet. And from Donna, I did get 1 email from her a week or two ago and then I got a dear elder from her this week! Thanks Donna!

10. How is the language coming?
- Well, Albanian is a crazy language. I wish I could explain the grammar rules to you. It's pretty wild. Let's say I was going to say "I pray to God." In Albanian, It would be "I (to him) get prayed to God" It's hard to explain. But it's crazy. It is coming along. We taught for the first time in all albanian last thursday. It went surprisingly well. I could understand pretty much everything that they were saying to me, but I felt like a bird with clipped wings trying to fly. I knew what I wanted to say, but I didn't know how to say it. I am getting better every day. It is in no way easy and from what the teachers have told us, it can take up to a year to become fluent once you get to Albania. It doesn't always take that long for everyone though. I hope I am one that will be ahead of the game.


So it has been another week here in the MTC! I'm still learning sooo much. I already have a love for the Albanian people. It's awesome. I feel like I'm ready to get out there and start teaching. I know i'm not actually ready but it's all good. I am just really excited. The letters are becoming fewer and fewer. I expected that to happen but it's all good. Hopefully I will get some random letters from people at some points during the remainder of my Mission. IT's so good to hear from people. Last night we heard from Richard G. Hinckley from the quorum of the 70. It was awesome. It's easy to see that the phrase "like father like son" is so true. Hopefully I can be like Big Cory someday! I know if I can even get close, I'll be in good shape. Yeah, I have some great stories to tell. I will send a tape to the fam soon so you can hear some of the stories from me. Oh, I get to call you guys before Christmas! We get to call from the airport when we leave. Remind me to tell you my flight plans so i can tell you when to wake up in the middle of the night to get the call from me! haha. I decided to do this paragraph last this week so I could do the personal parts longer. I am almost out of time now though. I have 50 seconds. Goodbye everyone! I love you! Keep writing. God loves you. Every single one of you. More than you can imagine.

-Elder Eckel.


Mom- I'm glad you have started to work out! How long do you think you will go this time? Keep it up! When you asked if I think people read the dear elders before they are sent, I know that they dont haha. There is no way they could read the thousands of letters that are sent here every day. I think you could send me the pin if you wanted through it. IT might be safer in a letter though. Who knows. That's awesome that Blake left today for Ft. Lauderdale! I hope he has an awesome time! Hopefully he can teach in Portugese a little bit! I loved how you bore your testimony to the people from work. It is so awesome that we have the blessing of knowing that we can be with our families for longer than just this life. We can be together forever! It makes life much happier and gives us a greater understanding for things. Thanks for getting my letter to Steve! I love you mom!

Dad- Hel. 5:6= Epic. THat's way cool. I am glad you told me about that. Thanks Dad. hahaha I was laughing so hard about the Marriott thing. That is totally somehting you would do. I can't believe Marriott wouldn't tend to your wishes haha. I think i got that stuborn quality from you with stuff like that. I love it. That's way sad that your iPhone had to go like that but way awesome that you got the iPhone4. I am obviously jelaous. Sounds like Perrysburg is sweet this year! That's awesome. I really like the seniors this year. I hope they go way far into states. How is Lucas and Brandon doing? Ohio State plays tomorrow!!!! GO BUCKS! I can't wait to hear the recap of the game. It's sad that Church boy is going to miss a lot of the games this year! Oh well, you are doing what you are supposed to do. Make sure you find a way to record the games for me! I gotta see TP in his prime! Brent and I have a lot of catching up to do.

Alexis- I'm glad you like the t shirt lex! Albanias flag is pretty sweet haha. The ultimate terrorist looking flag. I love it. Hey you, send me more pictures! Try and find a good football picture of me! How is senior year going!? Seems like you are having fun so far. Now that seminary started you are probably way tired all day haha. Well good luck with everything and Keep your grades up to Austin Eckel's standards (Aka- do what you want, and you will get into BYU!) :) haha

Ashley- I am jealous of you. PERIOD. YOu saw John Mayer! AHHH I'm so mad haha. Yeah I saw Alison yesterday! She tried to hug me haha. It was super weird to have a girl come at me like that but it's all good haha she stopped herself. It was good to see a familiar face. SHe said she was going to call you! That's awesome that you hung out with Kendy! Become best friends with her! actually don't. I'm her best friend. You can be second best haha.

Evan Baker- You are the man. Period! I can't wait for your letter!

Mrs. Baker- I sent you your lettter already. I don't know when you will get it!

Betsy- Thanks for the letter! I am going to try and write you something when I get a chance!

Sister Fowler- Thanks again for thinking of me! Tell the family I say Hello!

Sarah Pratt, Abi Tucker- Thanks for the encouraging dear elders's! You guys rock. Keep being awesome.

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