Wednesday, September 29, 2010

MTC Week Ten

Question Time: (I probably don't have all of them but I didn't have a ton of time to go through all my dear elders this week. Sorry)

1. Am I writing in my journal regularly?
-Every day. I think I have missed maybe one day.

2. Have these 11 weeks gone fast or slow?
- ha. I don't know exactly how to explain it. Every day is the longest day of my life, but the weeks fly by. And when I say the days are the longest days of my life, It's not a bad thing. I am just always doing so much work.

3. Would a Conference call work?
- Yes. I think that would be an awesome Idea. The only rules on the calling thing is that I shouldn't call my girlfriend haha. So it would be all good if Evan was able to talk. I would enjoy that.

4. Am I still interested in Med. School?
-It is still an option for me. I have been thinking a lot about what I want to do and I have a few ideas. I'm not going to tell you though (mom) haha because you will get all worried or something haha

5. What songs are we singing at general Conf.?
- Hark All Ye Nations
-Go Ye Messengers of Heaven
-Called to Serve

6. What part am I singing in the choir?
- I am singing Baritone and the baritones sit right behind the conductor in the middle so I should be on camera a lot haha

7. How was Concecration week?
- It was very hard haha. I got a lot better at Albanian though. A lot of things clicked this past week. I am still far from fluent but I can teach the Lessons and talk about gospel things very well which is the only important thing. I will pick up the rest of the random misc. words when I get there. I will still have an hour of language study every day in Albania.


Alrighty. It has been a good week here in the MTC. Today we finished the names (guy names) for sister Miller. I will be sending those back as soon as I can. This week was pretty hard as far as speaking all Albanian. It was very stressful at times but I was able to see that The Lord would answer my prayers when I asked for a little extra help. It is incredible to see how willing God is to bless us with things when we are doing everything we can to learn and to be good. I foudn out that unless I am in Tirana, I will only be getting physical mail once every 3-4 weeks. If I'm in Tirana, I will be getting my mail once a week. So Email will probably be best. I think that it will work out good. I Can't believe that I am going to be in Albania a week from today. I'm a little freaked out haha. Oh well. I think I decided that thursdays are my favorite for mail because I feel like we are communicating directly. I write to you all, and then I get dear elders on thursday with a responce from what I wrote. Pretty cool stuff. I get my shot tomorrow afternoon. I messed up my knee pretty bad this past week and it hurts way bad but I refuse to go the doctors for it because I am not staying at the MTC any longer than needful. I will just suck it up. I am going to Albania haha. So I just want to take some time to tell you (Mom and Dad) how awesome you are. I have been thinking a lot about family lately and how we get to be together for Eternity since we have been sealed together as a family. I have been so blessed to have parents like you. You both have been so supportive with everything I have ever done. I have heard stories from people in my District about their familes and stuff and how they can distinctly remember times their parents said that they were bad at something or were put down by them. It's so true. When we are put down by someone we love, we always remember it. Even if the person who said it didn't mean it that way. I have been so blessed to have parents like you. I can honestly say that I can't think of a single time that you have ever put me down or wasn't supportive of something I wanted to do. You always came to my sporting events, involved with my schooling, allowed me to have fun with friends throughout highschool, opened our house to any/all of my friends and treated them like family, and so many more. This summer, you put up with blasting loud music in the basement while our band practiced and then would treat us all to pizza. Then you came to both concerts we had even though they weren't cheap. You are such good examples to me. If i can turn out half as good as a parent as either of you, I will be an awesome parent. You led by example all the time. You were always doing things that God was pleased with. Having scripture study with us every night, saying prayers as a family, and so many other things that allowed us to grow and love eachother more as a family. I couldn't ask for better parents. I definitely wouldn't be where I am today without you.

Alrighty, Ashley. I talked to Alison again last night. I think she said she was going to call you? I don't know if she did but I want the Red Blue and Black band gold's gym thing. I guess you can get it at Target. Sorry for such late notice. You will have to ship it quickly because I leave tuesday at 5 in the morning. Thanks Motra. (sister) Also, can you send me your address again? I might need to send all of my extra stuff to you that I can't take to Albania. You can either send it home or throw it out, or keep it, or give it to kendy or something haha. Thanks again. You rock

Alexis, You best be being awesome. THat's awesome that you are on Homecoming court again! That's way lucky that you got to be on it 2 years in a row!? Nice! I guess I just didn't have what it took to be as awesome as the girls in the Eckel Family. I never even made it to the first round haha. Probably cause all of my friends were in your grade instead of mine. Oh well haha. Well good luck on your college essays and stuff. Don't worry about getting into BYU. I will give you my spot if you don't get in cause you deserve it more than I do haha

Aunt Donna- You are hilarious! haha I got your dear elder. It was so funny with the whole p90x thing at the end! You are a hoot!

McMurdie Family- THanks for the package! I loved it. The fudge covered pretzels were delicious! Thanks for thinking of me!

Evan Baker/Baker Family- Thanks for sending me the constant updates on the family! Mrs. Baker, you can continue to email me while I'm in ALbania if that is easier for you than sending letters. I love them. Evan, I just sent you a 5 page letter like 30 minutes ago! You will probably get it friday or saturday. Don't worry about writing me back via letter. I will be in Albania. Write an email!

Steve Sobanski- I love you man. You are one of my best friends after this summer. I am so glad I got to know you better. I loved the letter you sent me and wish yuo the best at Miami this year. I will try to write you a letter soon. Keep on Keepin On.

Peace out everyone! I love you all! Keep praying for me!

From Ashley:

You can continue to write to Austin with the Dear Elder until Monday 2:00 eastern standard time. That will be the last delivery he will receive there in Utah. After that – you may email him at the following email address:

Austin will be able to access these emails once a week on his p-day (his day off.) We will not know what day that is until he gets to Albania and we hear from him!

If you wanted to send a package, it would need to be sent to the following address:
Elder Paul Austin Eckel
Albania Tirana Mission
PO Box 2984
Rr. Qemal Stafa, Vila 1
Perballe Postes Nr. 22
Phone: 355-68-201-6570

You must include the phone number of the mission office (the address and phone number above is the Mission Office info), when you send a package. When the Mission office receives his package – they forward it to him. His address will be changing about every 12 weeks – so it is easier to send packages directly to the Mission office.

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