Wednesday, September 22, 2010

MTC Week Nine

Hello everyone! I'm just living it up here in provo!

Alright. Let's begin with some questions?!

1. Do we have a new sister in our district?
- Nope ha. I don't know how that rumor got started? We have always had Motra Leit in our district. We don't have anyone new in our district. We are the only 5 albanian speakers here at the MTC. The new albanian missionaries won't be here until 2 weeks after we leave.

2. "Unt Dua"?
- So close! Dad, it is Unë të dua. So close though! Valiant effort haha

3. Am I tired by the time I go to bed?
- It's funny how this works. During the day, I'm so so so tired. But as soon as I lay in bed, I can't sleep for like an hour. For the first 6 weeks I was doing good and I could fall asleep pretty quickly but now, it takes me about an hour to fall asleep. Not cool haha

4. Do I remember reqading Preach My Gospel with the family?
- Of course! haha There are things that I read in it and just laugh because of how Alexis would read it or just remember you (mom) asking us "what do you think the commitment questions would be?" haha.

5. How was the pumpkin bread?
- haha I actually don't know. I gave it to this Elder named Elder Bunn. He was an english elder who had some medical problems and had to stay an extra 2 weeks. I felt really bad for him so I wrote his name on the box and gave it to him haha. He said it was WAY good though. I'll be honest. I don't need food here haha. I have far more food than I can possibly eat before I leave. So please, Don't send anymore food haha. Sour candy is always allowed. But I really don't have any use for more food.

6. Was it weird seeing Ashley and JD?
- Umm. I wouldn't say it was weird. It was fun though haha. I came running up from behind them and then JD saw me. It was great. It's kinda funny though cause we really didn't talk about ANYTHING. I think I might have said like a few sentences to them and then just said bye. I think my district talked to them more than I did. It was good to see them though. I was on cloud 9 for the rest of the night.

7. Did elder Holmes get Alexis's letter?
- Yes haha He liked it.

8. Have i gotten my shot yet?
- Nope. I am going to the doctor tomorrow to check up with that. They said they were going to mail me a thing telling me to come to the doctor but I haven't gotten anything yet. I think i remember them saying I would be getting one telling me to come the 27th of September. I might be making that up though. I will go check tomorrow. Don't worry about me! haha

9. Have I played Piano?
- Yeah. I get to play piano once ever day or two. It's pretty fun. I have given piano up for consecration week though. I would normally only play for 10 minutes anyways but I figure I can use that time to study and stuff.

10. How is school for Kendra Lou?
- It is going good. She is loving Cross Country and has classes with a lot of her friends. She has had some awesome spiritual experiences and is pretty much loving life now that we aren't hanging out anymore haha. Just kidding. But seriously, she is doing great.

11. Have I heard from Brian?
- Sure have! He is LOVING BYU. I am so happy for him. I know exactly how that was hah. It's weird to think it was a year ago that I was in his place.

12. What do our teachers think of how we speak the language?
- Vellai (brother) Ellingson tells us we are doing great and stuff but Vellai Herd basically told us that we need to be way better haha. We are doing good though. I love both of our teachers. They help us out so much and have great spiritual lessons with us too.

13. Will I get scabies?
- Hahaha. I have as good of a chance of getting scabies as you do. So will you get scabies? ha It's not a concern.

14. Can I ask my teachers questions about the emailing in Albania and stuff?
- Both of my teachers did serve their missions in Albania but they served 4 years ago. The rules change with every mission president so they don't really know how things work there anymore. So, not really. But they do give us a lot of helpful information. They say that Albania basically sells their electricity to greece so sometimes the electricity will randomly go out for hours at a time because the country decided to make money from greece hahah. Classy? Totally Albania for you.


Where do I start... Well I am for sure singing in the priesthood session choir at Priesthood session of General Conf. I am so excited. We had our first practice this morning. IT was awesome! The spirit is so strong when we sing! You should definitely get Evan to come and see me on TV! haha. But yeah maybe invite the Philibaums? I bet she would love that.. Even though the meeting is for men ha. But anyways, Consecration week started today so It is a week starting from today. It's weird sending this email english because I have only been thinking in Albanian all day. Crazy stuff. It is going well though. THank you for you prayers. I need them! I have had so many oppertunities to see my prayers being answered since I have been here. Sometimes it is something as small as "I am tired and I need to focus" and as soon as I say Amen, I find myself with 200% more focus and some sort of sugar high haha. It's incredible. I love it here. I am so excited to get to Albania and start teaching people but at the same time, I am going to miss the MTC. There is a very special spirit here.


Mom/Dad- Thank you so much for being awesome. I love reading your letters to me. They always make my days so much more awesome. Thank you for the Plan of Salvation things in Albanian. I actually had to use my inheritated trait from dad the other day haha. When I got the things, there was only 1 in the bag. The reciept was in there and i saw that you had purchased 5 of them. I basically pulled a Cory Eckel and after much persuasion, I got the lady in the mail room to call Missionary Mall and fix the problem. They were not making it easy haha. But yes, thank you so much. The district was so so happy when they saw that you bought them some. Everyone in the our district has some hard home life things. Most of them aren't the most financially stable families. I know that our family has been so so so blessed and I'm so glad that you were able to use what we have been blessed with to help us teach the Gospel. Thank you so much. I love you both.

Ashley- Ash, Thanks for being the best big sister ever. I know that you probably don't take that as a compliment since you are my only big sister but my relationship with you and Alexis are far more different. I always looked up to you and had that good example to follow. You gave our family a good last name and I tried not to ruin it too bad for Alexis haha. You really did help me so much throughout childhood and I appreciate it more than you can imagine. I looked up to you so much and still do. You are an incredible example and so many people look up to you. I can't tell you how many girls in my grade in high school envied you. You are such a good example to Alexis and I and you definitely set the bar high for the Eckel kids. Thank you so so so much for everything. My thoughts turn to my first efy. You gave me a letter which I still have and brought with me on my mission. You bore you testimony in it and told me how much you loved and cared about me. You told me that I would get out of EFY whatever I put into it. That has been true with everything in my life. I love you so much Ash.

Alexis- Don't think I have forgotten about you. I love you so so so much too. The relationship I had with you was far different than ashleys but so awesome. You were always my best friend. From when we were little kids to now. I always wanted to be with you. You would always hate how I wanted to hang out with you and your friends but I just loved being around you. I loved playing all of those little games we would play together when we were growing up and all of the fun times we have had throughout highschool and basically all of life. We have been so blessed to have the relationship we have. You will always be one of my best friends ever. Thanks for being so nice to me and always caring so much about me. I love you little sister. Don't you dare change or I will smack you in the face with a Chicken Wang!

Evan Baker- You are the man. I'm sorry I couldn't write to you lately. I love you though. So much. I have actually been thinking about you a lot. Good luck with school and everything else. I will try to write you soon. Tell you family I love them. Mrs. Baker. I love your letters so so much. You are my second Family in the burg!

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