Wednesday, August 25, 2010

MTC Week Five

Hello everyone! Today I'm emailing from the laundry room! Fun stuff right?!

I'll start with the traditional questions!

1. How is the MTC?
-It's great! I really do love it here. The schedule is different everyday. For the most part, the day consists of 1 hour of gym, 8 hours of language and 3-5 hours of gospel study. It's pretty crazy. Everyday feels like it takes a year, but the days go by really fast. Doesn't sound like it makes sense, but it does. Then we have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We also have planning time and then some days have time for Devotional or personal time. Personal time is pretty much just for showering after gym and stuff.

2. Have I done any of Karen Miller’s names?
-Yes. I think i have done 9 or 10? I haven't sent them back yet. I will continue to work on that.

3. How do I know I won't get scabies?
-Well scabies are crazy. They basically just eat whatever flesh they want haha. They leave scabs all over your body. It is pretty crazy stuff. I don't know for a fact I won't get them but I did take the medicine that makes it so I won't have it at least for a while haha.

4. Do I wash my clothes every week?
- Haha yes I do. I am actually doing that right now. I do it the way it's supposed to be done too haha. Darks and Lights. I am pretty awesome at laundry. All the new Elders always ask for my help. They think I'm pro. They are right.

5. How do I print my pictures?
-They have a printing thing here at the MTC. It isn't always working though. I will try to keep sending pictures. Do you like when I do that/ have you gotten my new pictures yet?

6. Would I ever want you to send me a tape?
-That would be awesome. If you send me a tape, I will record some stuff and send it back!

7. Am I pumped to get to Albania?
-Yes haha. Very. I keep hearing awesome things about it. The people there are so open to talking about personal things. They are a very prideful people, but in a good way haha. They love americans, and they love soccer. I have been playing some soccer here at the MTC. I am getting pretty good. Hopefully I will show those kids how it's done when I get out there. More than likely, they will be showing me how it's done. I guess it's inpolite to wear your seat belt in a taxi. The driver will get very offended. Also, I hear that crossing the street in Albania is like Real life "Frogger". I'm pretty excited for that. The language is super hard haha. I try to keep a positive attitude but it's hard sometimes. I have been doing pretty good but there are a lot of annoying things ha. They have a grammar principle called "clitics" I will give you an example. If i were to say "I pray to God." I would have to say "I (to him) pray to God". That is a very simple example. Alexis, you know how in spanish you conjugate verbs? Well in Albanian, we conjugate nouns, verbs, adverbs, clitics, adjectives. EVERYTHING! It's insane.

8. Do I have the same companion the whole time at the MTC?
-Yes! And I love my comp. HE is awesome. He is so funny and always willing to work hard.


I know I didn't answer all of the questions but that was most of them. I think I covered a few questions in each answer so hopefully I got to most of them. I just don't have a ton of time. So yeah, this week has been great. I had a very amazing opportunity to hear an Apostle of God speak last night (tuesday). Jeffrey R. Holland made a stop by the MTC to speak to us. It was incredible to hear what the Lord wanted us to know. So many of my questions that I had been praying about were answered. It really made me understand the exact reasons I am on a mission. It is not MY mission, it is the Lord's mission, and I need to do it His way. Jeffrey R. Holland said a ton of awesome stuff. He talked about how people ask themselves: "Why is life so hard? Why me? Why can't it be easier to do the right things? Why do bad things happen to good people?" He said: "The atonement was not easy for Jesus Christ, Why should anything be easy for us." He went more in depth but I don't have time to go into everything. I just think it's important to understand that salvation is not a cheap experience. He said: "The road of salvation always goes through gethsemane". Jesus Christ died for all of us. He died so that we can be saved from sin. He has already done it. He has given us his gift. It is up to us whether or not we open the gift and use it. It is not something as simple as to say "I believe" We need to show that we believe. We need to go through difficult times. We need to walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. We can't assume that we are saved by grace without doing anything. That is simply not true. We need to follow God's commandments. Sorry if this is sounding really bold but that is simply how it is.

- Another thing he said was how he knows It's hard for us as missionaries. He very quickly said that he is not sorry about that. He says that the church has given us everything. They gave us the Temple. The temple has EVERYTHING that the church has to offer. Once we are given the gift of the temple, the church has nothing left to give us. All of the substance is there. I just want to let you know how important I think it is to take every opportunity you have to go to the temple. It is such a wonderful blessing.
(okay back to the email)!


Mom- Hello mother! I just want to let you know I love you! I love coming back to the room at night and to look at our family picture and think "wow, my mom rocks. She is the bomb digity haha" But for real. You are awesome. Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. So yeah, I met a sister here at the MTC who was super excited to see me. I don't know who she was but she said her mom and you taught together at the womens conference? I don't know ha. She told me to tell you I saw her. I'm glad to hear you had fun in PA. I wish I could have been there.

Dad- HAHAHAHA! I love how you continue to document about long boarding. I laugh so hard everytime. Everyone in my district says: "man, your dad must be so sweet!" haha they have no Idea. Thank you for all of you insights, I can't go into detail cause I'm running out of time. I really appreciate how you have sent me mail every day. It's awesome to know that there will always be at least one thing in the mailbox for me. Whether it's long or not, it is awesome.

Ashley- You have an official new name! Nice! Ashley Eckel Rasmussen! That's pretty exciting. I'm excited for you to be in provo even though we won't get to see eachother! I miss you ash bash! tell JD I love him too! I wish I could have been there with the whole family. Thanks for you letters. Sorry that This is so short, one of these days, i'm going to write you a real letter! You are an awesome sister! I love you!

Alexis- I love you Lexie lou! I'm glad you jam to my music haha. Keep it up! I am so excited for you to start your senior year! I remember how fun it was for me. Make the best of it even though you are taking real classes. I mean it was way awesome to not take real classes haha. But I'm sure you will still manage to have fun. Tell Dayna I say hi! And C-Mil! I love that little man! I answered some of your questions in the question section. I am going to send you a real letter too one of theses days. I have a present for you. I will send it tomorrow. You will like it. IT's pretty awesome. YOu can brag about me to your friends when you get it. Good luck this week at school! Tell Hauge I say Chkemy! That's not how you spell it but that is how you would say it in english! He will know what it means if he lived in albania!

Baker Family- I am writing you a letter! Mrs. Baker I have some answers to your questions I will be mailing you. I love your letters that you send!

Sister Fowler- I love you! ahh It was so good to hear from you. I miss seeing you at church!

Abi Tucker- Thanks again for the Dear Elder. IT's so encouraging to get mail from you!

Bro Lenahan- I'm glad the Product is treating you well! I love that thing! It is such a beast. It sounds like Michael is having a blas this summer! I have missionaries in my zone going to Brents mission! I can't wait for him to get my hellos from them!

Well I gotta go! Bye! I love you all!

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