Thursday, August 19, 2010

MTC Week Four

(Austin has already been in the MTC for a month! It's crazy! He seems to be doing well and has luckily escaped the Scabies scare! :) As always, he loves when he gets letters... so send him some!)

Hello Everyone! How is life?! ha

Let's start out with the normal questions!

1.Did I like the krispie kreme donuts?
-What a silly question! haha Of course I liked them! They were awesome and we do have a microwave which is nice.

2. Where am I in the Book of Mormon?
- I am almost through 2nd Nephi. I have been taking it very slow. Some days during personal study, I only get through a chapter or two. I have been "feasting" upon the word of the Lord. It is awesome to disect each and every verse.

3. Have I already learned the basic Albanian/ Now are you just learning gospel stuff?
- Heck no! haha I have a lot to learn of Albanian. Most of the day is spent learning Albanian. It is a very difficult language. I can read Albanian perfectly now which is great (I can pronounce all the words and sounds). Now I just need to be able to comprehend it haha. There are hundreds and hundreds of grammer rules and tons of exceptions to the rules which gets frustrating sometimes but I know that everyone's prayers have been helping. I have been getting extra help from God learning the language.

4. Is it hard to pronounce the language?
-It was tough at first but I am pretty good at it now. Sometimes I practice reading English words the way an Albanian would read them. It sounds hilarious. While learning Albanian, I have realized how crazy English is. English makes zero sense haha. None the less, I love english. It is funny though because the sister missionary we have is from Denmark and she was talking about learning english and she always talks about how our alphabet is pointless because the letters don't sound like the name of the letters which is true haha.


Okay! Those were the only questions I got this week. Try thinking of some more because that really helps me know what to say in the emails! It gets a lot more information out of me than me just rambling on about who knows what haha. So yeah it has been a good week here in the MTC. A very stressful, yet fulfilling week. The language is getting crazy. Crazy awesome. It is really hard but it's fun. Some days I leave class thinking I will never learn Albanian, and then the next day, all of the concepts we were taught the day before just make sense! (Coincidence? I think not!) Oh, here is the Albanian phrase of the week: Mos ia fut kot -- don't you lie to me. haha we have been saying this to eachother as a joke lately and it is pretty funny. Here is how you say it. (I will type it how we would speak it in english) Mose (most without the "t") E (the letter sound) + u (up without the "p") Fute (flute without the "L") Coat. ---- Mos ia fut kot. anyways, I hope that made sense? But yes, the classes we have been having are awesome. I learn so many gospel principles in them. Our zone leaders left this past week. I am going to miss them so much. They were great examples. Our zone is down to 7 people right now. Smallest zone in the MTC. most have over 50. It is just us (albanians) and the Hungarians. It's awesome. I love our zone! I will be sending more pictures home soon. Speaking of which, I would love more pictures! They are great to have in the room. But yes, we get 22 new missionaries in our zone this week. Some are going to Pocotella Idaho! I can't wait for them to tell brent I say hello! I have trouble remembering all of what happens during the week without looking at my journal because the days all just blend together. I feel like it was yesterday that I was being dropped off, yet it's already been a month! Crazy! Oh here is a cool little fact. In my planner I have been keeping track of how many times teachers here in my meetings/ classes have said "Make A Difference". So far, It has been 46 times. And a speaker i heard in the large group meeting said this exact phrase: "We all just need to give ourselves up, and Make a Difference." How awesome is that?! It's kind of cool considering I wrote that song about the Mission. I got to play come thou fount for our sacrament meeting this past week onthe piano. It was very beautiful and the spirit was so strong. Anyways. I don't have much else to say about this w

Mom- There is nothing to worry about from that last email about the thing I said you would worry about haha. But what you said is true. If you would have called Kendy, she could have told you haha. Basically my companion got Scabies which is a parasite and we were basically quarunteened (that's spelled wrong hah) and we had to move to a new room. This week we moved back to our old room. I didn't get the worm ha so we are all good! I am free of Scabies! It is highly contagious though and we needed to take medicine for it and get all of our stuff washed and dry cleaned. EVERYTHING! haha. But you should call Kend because I gave her the whole story. She will read it to you, I'm Sure. What is going on with the whole Debit card thing? can you make sure you do all the calling in and getting the pin number and stuff so that when I get the card it just works? Cause I don't have a phone haha. Oh, I was laughing pretty hard about the Code of Conduct meeting. That is totally something mr. Pohlman would do! I love that old man! I love you mom!

Dad- I cannot get over the fact that you are long boarding! hhaha I told Matt Johnson about that and he was laughing too. I think it's awesome! and don't worry about the wheels. Longboards can handle anything! that is what is so awesome about them! Smooth riding even over curbs and bumps and rocks. I seriously laugh every time you write about long boarding. I am jealous that you are able to watch football. I can't wait for the Ohio State updates! Go BUCKS!!! I think it's great that the sister from Temple Square actually gave you my message. I dind't think she actually would. Hopefully all goes well with that!

Alexis- You are the bomb digity. I miss you and love you so much! I laugh everytime you write me. If you have time to write me more, I would love that. I would write you if you went on a mission! ;) I heard you were rocking out to my music the other night! You better keep that up. I miss music haha but it's all good. I get to play piano every now and again. Keep living it up! Peace out girl scout.

Ashley/JD- That is awesome that Jd had that missionary experience! Keep the good work up. Ash, THanks for all of the letters you send me! It's awesome when I get things from you. I haven't been getting as many letters as i was getting before but you always do a good job of sending me stuff! Tell JD I have been praying for him! I love you ashley! I'm jealous the family gets to go out and visit you! (minus me of course)

Baker Family- I love you guys! I loved the Update on Washington DC. IT really is a beautiful place and you can just tell that this country is so special and such a great blessing! I love you all!

To close, Keep writing me! haha every mail I get is treasure! I Love you all. Keep me in your prayers! Bye!

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