Sunday, April 10, 2011

Life in Albania - Week 26

Oh hello! How are ya'll doing. Oh yeah you are on a cruise doing great haha. Well I'm quite the opposite right now haha. Anyways, here are some questions.

1. Are the Albanian bowling alleys like ours? Is the game played the same?

Yeah haha. There aren't many bowling alleys here in Albania but it is the same as back home. But they don't know how to take care of their alleys haha it's pretty funny. They don't grease the lanes at all. So if you try to put spin on it, you pretty much just go straight into the gutter. It was fun though. Elsbasan obviously won! :)

2. Did you rip a hole in your suit pants during the Saturday Branch activity? You mentioned that you messed up your knee because you were playing in your suit. Just wondered if you needed a new pair of pants now???

Only a small one. I already got it fixed haha. It was on Monday night and we played an awesome game of kick the can. I am competitive in Albania too! haha.

3. Does your mission have a “mission song?”

We do! It's called Consecrate Thy Life. It's a pretty cool song

4. Do you get to play the piano much?

I get to play every once in a while. I have learned one hymn so far. I can play I need thee every Hour perfectly now. I am going to try and start learning a new one pretty soon.

5. How are all of the people doing that you are teaching?

Motra Braha: had 2 lessons with her that went extremely well. I actually called them on the phone to make an appointment and they picked up and said that they were in the middle of doing family scripture study would call us back after family prayer. (Awesome?! Yes!)

Jona and Oli- Oli said she wants to get baptized for her birthday. May 22! Bam! Success!

Besiana (little cute girl that I love and that is my best friend here in Elbasan)- Her parents said she can probably get baptized for her birthday. Her birthday is in December though. I hope I can come back to Elbasan for it. Success? Yes.

Rimi- Told us he couldn't make the sacrifices necessary to come to church and said he won't meet with us anymore. Success? No.

Family from KorÇa- Amazing! Came to church even though it's a 3 hour drive!

6. Did I hear Conference yet?

Yes! Well. Only the first session that you guys saw. I loved it. It was amazing. I am so excited for my friend Austin Tyler. I'm sorry. Elder Tyler. He lives in Ft. Collins Colorado! Ballin!

I am hoping to see the rest of it pretty soon. I will probably see it in Albania before I see it in English but I will eventually hear it.

1. Did you get your packages yet?

I did! thanks a ton! I loved the muffins! and best of all was the famous Lenahan Beef Jerkey! That stuff is delicious! I am definitely going to buy that stuff when I get back home! Thank you Lenahans! I also got a package from the Bakers! It was awesome! I loved the cards and letters and treats. And of course the pink bunny slippers haha I think those were from Sophie? I don't know but they were pretty funny. I have been wearing them all over the house. Thanks Sophie haha. You know my taste in slippers so well.

2. How far away from Elbasan is Pogradec? When do you think they will send missionaries there? Is there a branch yet? If not, where would they go to church?

It is about 2 hours. I don't know if they will send missionaries there for a while but there is a city that is an hour past Pogradec called Korca. There are two members that live there. They found the Gospel in Greece and now they live in Korca. President Neil gave us permission to go to Korca to visit them and see how they were doing. We went and met with Alban. He is awesome! He took us to his home where we met his family. His family made us home made pizza. It was delicious. Alban is the only member in his family BUT his Dad started reading the Book of Mormon and wants to take the lessons from us and get baptized along with the mother. They are awesome. Although there aren't missionaries or a church in Korca right now, there is a good chance that it will open up while I'm here. And who knows, maybe since I know that family, I will be sent to open it? I don't know! Guess what?! His family and 2 others came to church yesterday! So awesome!

3. Do you know if they will open up Kosavo (sp?) for missionaries?

They will open it. It's just a matter of when. There are already members there and a senior missionary couple. I am sure that eventually missionaries will go there though.


Okay. Transfers happened. Everyone was positive that I was going to stay here in Elbasan. I was hoping that I would stay. I love Elbasan so stinking much. I have made so many great friends here and care about and love the people so much here. I have found out that I am going to be transferd to Lushnje with Elder Muggleston. Lushnje is a city near Vlore. I dont' know if you remember but I have served there for one day. I went on an exchange there. To tell you a little about this place, the house that I will be living in is also the church. There are hardly any members there. In fact, Church only happens once every other week in Lushnje. Weird I know. As for my companion, I don't know him very well. Anyways, I am sad to leave Elbasan and my little girlfriend here haha she is super cute. I will send you all a picture of me with her today.

I hope you all have fun on the cruise. I pretty much talked about my whole week in the questions. I leave tomorrow for transfers. I hope I am not wanting to kill myself by next week when you hear from me haha. I love you all. Have fun, and live it up in the sun. Thanks for the pictures you sent. You all rock.

Kendy - I am going to try and get you a decent size letter today but there are tons of stuff I need to do before I leave Elbasan and I can't make any promises. Well I can make one haha. All the free time I have, I will be writing you okay? But besides that, I have to apologize for the 2 weeks of short letters in a row. The good news is that I have heard there is nothing to do in Lushnje which means my letters are about to get a lot longer haha. Anyways, hope you have a great week. Tell Garret to bring on the questions. I will give him all the advice I can. I don't know if I'm the best person to ask for advice though haa. He should ask Greasy Greg for advice.

Well I will send some pictures but besides that I'm gonna go!


Elder Eckel

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