Sunday, April 10, 2011

Life in Albania - Week 24

Well hello everyone. This week has been a wave of emotions for me but what else is new? haha
I will start with some questionsssssssssssss!

1. Ta da . . . . how are your language skills coming??

Ha they are coming. Avash Avash (slowly slowly) but they are coming haha.

2. How often do new missionaries come to Albania?

Every 3 months. There are two week intervals in between each in group in the MTC

3. How many usually come and when will the next group be coming?

It changes every time. Last time only 2 missionaries came but this time 9 are coming.

4. If you were an office elder – do they really keep you in the office for 6 months?? That is a long time.

Yeah you stay in the office for 6 months cause you are in the "small desk" where you learn how to do the big stuff for 3 months and then the person who has been there for 6 months leaves and you take the big desk for more months and teach the person in the small desk. But yeahh ha it is a long time. We will see what happens.

5. If your MTC companion is an office elder now – was that where he started?

No.. He has only been there for about a month now. If I get put in the office, I will get to serve with him for 3 months until he leaves! That would be the cool part (that I get to serve with him again)

7. How many miles do you think you have walked since you have been out on your mission? J

a ton haha. I don't know.. Maybe 1000? I don't know

8. Do you like when we ask you questions??

Yes! ha Keep em coming!


Okie dokie! So this week was a good one.

Last week during family home evening one of the members (Arjeta) came with her mother. Her mother is not a member but she has been coming to church lately. We talked to Arjeta and asked her if she thought her Mom was ready to take the lessons. We thought that she was and so when we asked Arjeta, she said she agreed with us that her mom was ready. So, we have started meeting with her. We watched the restoration film last week and it was awesome. The spirit was really strong. Sister Braha said she was ready to get baptized! So now we are going to continue doing lessons with her. We can only meet with her 2 times a week though because her husband doesn't really like it when we come a lot. Success? I think so.

Rimi- Didn't end up coming to church this week but he claims he had to stay home to watch his nephews because the parents were gone. Because he lives in town outside of Elbasan, it might be a legit excuse ha. Anyways, we are going to give him one more chance to come to church this week and if he doesn't come we are going to have to discontinue lessons with him. He is a great kid but unless he comes to church, he can't get baptized or progress in the road of the Lord. We have been keeping up with him and seeing how he's doing and he has been reading and praying so that is good.

Jona/Oli- We had 2 lessons with them this week and we talked about the plan of salvation with them and gave them Alma 40 to read. They said they are going to make a list of questions for us to answer this week and they are loving reading the Book of Mormon and feel the spirit while they do it. They are progressing very well too. Church seems to be the issue for everyone.

Marinela- we are having to move her baptismal date to the 3rd of April but things are going great with her. She is truly one of the elect that was waiting to be found! She accepts all invitations we give her and she comes to everything that she can. She has had some problems with her father and extended family the past few weeks but we hope it won't put a dent in the work.

Olsi- He is the boy we met in English a while back. He is a great kid. His dad told him he wasn't allowed to read the Book of Mormon but then one night Olsi went to his dad (without us asking) and talked to him about how he really wants to read it. So things are going good with him. This week we will be teaching the plan of salvation with him.

That is just about all of the investigators that we have.. I think haha. I don't know. There are little ones that come and go sometimes. But yeah. We went back to that family from Greece this week but they are already back visiting Greece. We won't be able to meet with them for a while. I hope that they come back while I'm here.

Anyways, I was sad to hear about the product but hey. I'm just happy that Michael is okay. That is a scary thing.

Yesterday, we had District Conference in Tirana. District Conference is kind of like stake conference but since we don't have a stake, it's called District Conference. All of the members in Albania were there and some AWESOME talks were given. We had 2 investigators there and it was a massive success. It was cool because I got to see all of the people from Vlore. Unfortunately Alseda wasn't there so that was kinda sad. The missionaries have said she is kinda having a rough time right now. I Hope she can stay strong in the church. It was funny though cause I never realized how much the people in vlore liked me until yesterday. When I got there, they were all going crazy. One of the girls (she is 12) haha saw me and started sprinting at me. I knew a hug was coming and I couldn't avoid it so I just put my hands straight up in the air (the It's not my fault type of hands in the air) and said in albanian "S'kam faj fare" (I have nothing to do with this) haha it was funny. All the missionaries were dying and my face was bright red. Once she realized that her hug was a one way deal she stopped haha. It was pretty funny though.

I'm glad things are going well back home. I got a little package from the Bakers! It was awesome. It had some really sexy pictures of Evan in it. (His senior pics) Dang that kid is hot. I better hide them though cause if the Albanian girls see the pictures, they might attack me for them. Plus, I want to keep them to myself haha. Go Bucks and Cougs! That would be awesome if they played each other.

Well that is all the time I have to write today. I hope you all enjoy your week. Live it upppppppppp!

-Elder Eckel

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