Monday, January 3, 2011

More pictures from our favorite missionary!

Here are some more pictures Austin sent us this week. Here are some of his captions:

The first picture is of me Warburton and Nollz doing our imitation of the first presidency picture. It's not perfect but hey! It's pretty awesome. No Teeth smiles!

The second picture is me with this kid named Donald in our Branch. He is sooo awesome. He only knows how to say a few things in English and one of them is "I am very busy because I am a lawyer" hahaha It's so funny. He is a really good kid. He almost has his Duty to God done! I am wearing the Ohio State tie i bought. It's pretty awesome huh?!

The last is of the threesome in front of the Vlora Church. It's pretty ghetto looking haha. The metal gates are necessary because the little kids in the neighborhood destroy everything in sight haha.

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