Monday, January 31, 2011

Life in Albania - Week 17

Hello family! This week was... LONG ha. But still good for our circumstances. I will start with the questions:

1. Would you be willing to tell President Neil you think you have parasite so you can get some medical help?

haha It's all good. Parasite is all gone! Nothing to worry about now :)

2. Are things still safe where you are in Albania?

Dandy as always in good old Albania! :) haha Yeah I am safe and sound.

3. Are you allowed to drink the water there? What exactly do you get parasites from?

We drink filtered and bottled water as much as possible but if a member or an investigator gives you a drink of water at their house you need to drink it. It would be completely culturally wrong to not drink it.

4. How are all of the people doing that you are teaching?

They are doing pretty well. Here is a little overview.

Aisha and Family: We have come to the conclusion that Aisha doesn't really have much interest in the Gospel right now but her Daughter Gentiana and her friend both have baptismal dates now.

Rimi: He hasn't come to church in the last 2 weeks and hasn't been wanting to meet with us. We are going to try and have a lesson with him this week over Authority of the Church for a last effort to keep him.

Lori and her Mom: these are the two people that we received as referrals. They are AWESOME. Lori came to church yesterday and stayed for the whole 3 hours. We had a family home evening with them last week and it was awesome. The spirit was really strong and we had a great lesson and then afterwards had a lot of fun. I really hope Lori and her mother can continue to progress. They are amazing. We had an activity on Saturday with the whole branch and they came and had a great time.

Lili and Edi: they came to the activity on Saturday, had a great time, felt the spirit, said they would come to church yesterday, but then didn't come. We don't know what else to do to get her to come to church.

5. What is the Zero lesson?

The zero lesson is a lesson that we are encouraged to use when we get in with a family while tracting or the first time we meet with someone. It is a brief lesson that covers the things we believe and covers a little bit from each lesson and we are supposed to leave questions unanswered as directed by the spirit so that they want us to come back. It is really cool. I really enjoy the Zero lesson.

6. Is it still cold there?

It is still freezing here haha. SPRING PLEASE COME!

7. Are you still enjoying working with your companion?

Yeah, Elder Vans and I love each other. We really enjoy each other's company.

8. Have you learned anything new this week?

I have learned a lot of new words this week, I have started learning to read music, I also found out that the dentist in Albania is awesome! haha Yeah, if you are wondering why 60 dollars have come out of my account it is because I had 1 cavity filled and then one filling redone haha. Don't worry, this dentist was AWESOME! Actually, I think the dentist that Pres. Neil recommends is way better than the dentists in America. Her equipment was so cool. I got to watch the whole operation on a TV screen while they did it haha. I didn't want you all to worry about it so I decided to wait til after it happened to tell you that I went to the dentist but don't worry, all is well and it was way less expensive than it would have been in America! :)


So, this week was interesting. It all started out great but then Elder Vance and I got really sick. We still continued to go out and work as much as we could but then we both had really high fevers so we stayed in. I was able to recover within one day but Elder Vance has had a temperature over 101 and 102 for the past 6 days in a row. Kinda scary. We continued to work though because we had investigators and we figured that their salvation was more important than our temporary health haha. Yesterday after Church Elder Vance had a temperature of 103 and so we called sister Neil which is what we are supposed to do when we are sick. She was kinda upset at us for going to church and for working the whole week but oh well haha. She told us we needed to stay in yesterday and today. We obviously had to come do emails though. I hope she isn't mad at us for that. Anyways, we spent the day in Tirana on Tuesday because of my dental appointments, Wednesday we had some good lessons and then that is when I started feeling really crumby and then Elder Vance started feeling worse haha. It was a long hard week for us ha but we ended up having 5 investigators at church yesterday and got 2 baptismal dates. We also may have found a new family that wants to start learning from us. Oh, and we also have this kid named Olsi that we are teaching English and on Wednesday we showed him the Restoration movie and the spirit was really strong and we asked him what it would mean to him if Joseph Smith really saw God the Father and Jesus Christ. I think he is going to start taking the lessons from us too. It was really cool.

Okay, well I don't have too much else to say but I did take a little photo book of pictures that I have to the activity to show people pictures and these are the following things that I have found:

1. All the Albanian Girls think that Evan Baker is the hottest thing to hit this earth. They say Oh wow, He is hotter than Justin Beiber! hahahaha It is hilarious.

2. All the boys want to date Alexis, including pretty much every missionary in this Mission.

3. Everyone says the same thing when they see Ash and JD: He is a giant! hahaha

4. Everyone thinks our family is beautiful. BUT, not as beautiful as Evan.

5. They think that it is weird that Americans take so many pictures haha.

So yeah haha. It's true, We are an awesome family. People think I'm really weird from the pictures though haha. They think American Football is weird, and all of the crazy things we do in America makes them laugh.

I love you guys, I am sorry this email was so short. I just don't really have any cool stories from this week because we spent a lot of the time being sick! :) Hope you all have a good week. Sounds like the Buckeyes are (as usual) being awesome. And mom, the byu player. his name is Jimmer haha. It's not a nickname. At least I don't think so. I could be wrong. I'm glad Derek Benner is doing well! I love that guy. Man, I hope Adam is doing well too. I miss the good ol' Halo2 parties we had haha. Anyways, Let this week be amazing! BYE!

-Elder Eckel

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