Monday, July 26, 2010

Farewell to Elder Eckel

We sure miss Elder Eckel already, but are so excited that his mission has finally begun!

He entered the MTC on July 21, 2010 (more pictures of that to come later). Only our parents were able to take him so the rest of us had to say goodbye on Sunday/Monday that week. Here are a few of our last pictures with Elder Eckel for a few years.

We sure do love him!

Last Eckel Family Photo for a few years (after his farewell talk):

Sibling Photo:

Lexi & Austin:

Austin & I:

Austin & one of his best friends, Evan:

We can't wait to get our first email!

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Cindy said...

Ashley...great job on this blog! You are such a sweet big sis. I love the photos you've put up.

I'm so proud of Austin for going on his mission. He's a great young man and I know he'll be instrumental in bringing the Gospel to many people.

Thanks for sharing with us in CA!!

Love, Cindy Fowler