Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Life in Albania - Week 32

Hello hello! I come with some crazy crazy news. I will start with the questions!

1.How were you impacted by the riots and everything happening with the elections?

We weren't impacted that much at all besides the fact that we couldn't go to Fier on Friday for a baptismal interview but it all worked out okay. It was pretty crazy sounding though haha. People were lighting fires in the roads everywhere so that people couldn't travel. Absolutely insane.

2.I知 not sure if you will know the answer to this question but since so many people are upset with the election results and ballot boxes were tampered with, would they do a recall and have another election?

I seriously doubt them doing a re-election. They are doing a recount right now though. There still haven't been results. But if Bosha wins again after the re count people are going to flip out.

3.So tell us what your next assignment is going to be.

Drum roll please............ I will be going to Shkoder! It is the smallest branch in the whole mission. They speak a whole different language there haha. It will be quite an experience. I am excited though. I am going to Shkoder with Elder Roni. I don't know if you remember me talking about Elder Roni before but we have been on exchanges before and I love him. He is an awesome missionary. I will also be the District Leader. There is also some more really amazing things that could be happening but President doesn’t want me going around telling anyone. President has some massive plans for me. Your prayers were answered! There is a really big chance that I will get to be involved in something really exciting that will be happening here soon – but it isn’t for sure. All I can say is that the President is putting a lot of trust in me and I won’t let anyone down if I get to do what he has talked to me about. I am really really excited. I remember a few months ago he was talking about the type ofmissionariesthat would be a part of what he talked to me about and the fact that he puts me in thecategoryof that type of missionaryis a huge honor. It is going to be very very hard though. I was talking to President and I was kinda joking around with him talking about how It will be like Scout Team in football. I told him how getting the crud beat out of me on scout team is my specialty but on Friday nights it is all worth it! My new assignment in Shkoder and the possibility of doing what President talked to me about are like Scout Team in football.

4.How are the people you are teaching doing?

They are doing awesome. It's amazing to see the progress of this branch since I've been here. The other day I wanted to go walk down a certain road and as we were walking a guy (maybe in his 20's?) chased us down and asked us if we could teach him English! We obviously said yes. We told him about our course and he came on Saturday! He was in my class and the religion lesson went great. He ended up coming to church yesterday! He said he wants to come to family home evening tonight! Crazy! I don't think it was a coincidence that we walked down that road. I know that God put that idea into my head.

5.How is the English class going?

Excellent as always! More people keep coming!

6.How is the Branch doing? How many were at church this past Sunday?

It is seriously going so well. I am actually really sad to leave Lushnje. Not so sad to leave the companion but very sad to leave the people here. I have grown to love these people so much over the past 7 weeks. I'm ready to take on a new town though.

7.Do the Branch members talk about the things going on with the election?

Yeah they talk about how stupid the government is and stuff. But I guess they haven't said too much stuff about it.

8.When you have to stay in your apartment, what do you do all day?

I have been reading the scriptures a lot in Albanian. I like them better in Albanian than in English. I will probably read the scriptures in Albanian for the rest of my life.


Yeah so I want to go around and meet with some members and investigators today so I don't have much time to say stuff but I got a letter from the Bakers that was awesome ha. I loved it. I guess when Mrs. Baker was at the school selling after prom tickets she gave Sophie a paper and Sophie went around and had people write on it. It was really funny. I loved the things Lucas said hahaha. I miss that guy. Sounds like the song Alexis and Sophie sang was a tear jerker. Glad I wasn't there haha. It's crazy that you are graduating Lex. You are so gosh dang old! I am excited for you all to come to Albania. I know there is still a year left but time is flying by. I don't know. Well I gotta get going. I love you all so much. Dad, I am sorry you didn't get the DVD to work ha. Mom, You da best. Kendy says that she thinks you are hilarious just like me :) haha. Anyways, I'm out! Love you all! Ashley hope you had fun in that crazy place you were at with JD.

Elder Eckel

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