Monday, May 2, 2011

Life in Albania - Week 29

Hello hello!

Here are the questionsss that have been rattlin' around in y'alls minds this week!

1. Have you gotten any packages yet? I think you have one coming from us, Grandma and Grandpa Martin and one from the Bakers.

Yes! I got 2 of those. I got yours, and the bakers! They were great! Thanks a ton! It was a good pick me up! Thank you ever so much.

2. How are your suits, shirts and shoes holding up? The Lenahans saw Brent over Easter. They were at Melissa’s house for Easter and Brent is now in his sister’s area so he got permission to have Easter dinner at her house. They said his clothes were a mess! How are yours doing? Do you need anything replaced?

They are holding up just great.... with some pins and paper clips, you can fix just about everything! :)

3. Have you gained any weight or lost weight over there?

haha yes. I have gained weight. It's pretty pathetic. I don't look in mirrors anymore. I hate it haha. I almost don't want to skype because you guys will all see how fat I am ha. Oh well.

4. How are the people doing that you are teaching?

They are doing good. None of the investigators that we are TEACHING came to church yesterday, BUT there were 4 random girls that randomly showed up to English Course this past week that came to Church yesterday. Pretty cool stuff eh?

5. Do you have any people that are planning on being baptized?

Yes. We have 1 person that for sure said she will get baptized at some point. We have another that would get baptized if she wasn't "muslim" ha. Yeah. Same problem. Also, I have good news. My "Girl friend" from Elbasan (Besjana) got permission from her parents to get baptized! She is getting baptized for her birthday in October and she asked me to do it. I am so excited that she is going to get baptized!!

6. How many people were at church on Sunday?

There were 9, including us. (7) people. But, only 2 were members. 5 investigators were there! :)

7. Have you done any more “music street tables?”

Nope not yet, this week we were pretty busy with a bunch of random stuff but hopefully we can do more this week.


So now, for a little more detailed version of this week!

Today we went on our district trip to Berat. It was BEAUTIFUL. I absolutely loved it. We went to a castle and it was a ton of fun. This morning before we left, we went to get breakfast real quick and a worker was like "you are Americans right? Obama Bin Ladin is dead! haha it was hilarious. He meant to say Osama I think but he said Obama. It was pretty funny. So yeah, I heard about it this morning. Pretty crazy news. I am glad it happened though.

Also, last Monday, a teacher here in Lushnje called us up and asked if we could meet. We met with him and he took us to a woman who worked at a Pharmacy. She asked us about our English Course and asked if her son could come. He came with his little brother and they are way awesome. They stayed for our religion lesson but when we invited them to church they said they couldn't come. I am hoping that they will be able to come at some point. They seemed like great people. We also have an English class with like 14 people now. It's great! Also, at family home evening tonight, there were 14 people! Crazy! Success is coming out of no where! It's been a huge blessing. I am hoping these people stick around. We might actually get some youth coming to church which would be awesome. They all want to go to EFY so we gave them registration forms.

I was thinking that we could do a skype call on the 14th? What do you think about that? If the 15th is better we could do that too. I just don't really want to go to an internet local on a Sunday. But if it works better, I'll do it. I also want Evan to be there!

Alexis, make sure that you tell Carter that I wrote him and sent it last week. He should be getting it this week or next. I thought it was pretty funny about Lucas asking you with carrots hahaha i actually laughed out loud. Have fun at prom and good luck this weekend, you will be awesome! Ask Brandon if he has gotten my letter.

ish- Elder Hickson, thanks a ton for emailing me! I figured you had forgotten about me since you are home and stuff ha. I'm glad you found the blog that my sister made. You can now stock me as you please haha. I'm sorry for being a greeny and spelling xhaxhi wrong haha. I didn't know what I was doing back then. I hope all is well with you at BYU and that your exams passed well ha. May you be with health my friend. You were a great example to me and I enjoyed our exchanges a ton. I think I probably talked about them in my emails home back then haha. You are the man. You left yourself a good name in the mission. Everyone always talks about how you were a hard worker. I hope that my name will be used the same.

(ash or lex)- send Nathan Hickson a message on facebook to read this ha. I will feel dumb if he doesn't read it.

Mom- thanks for your testimony. You are amazing. thanks for the example you were and are to me.

Dad- hahaha the story about the iPad is priceless. I love grandma great.

It's looking like I have two options for this next upcoming transfer. I am either going to stay here and be with Mugleston until he goes home, or I will be going to the Office with Elder Anderson (my MTC companion). There was a Branch Presidency meeting in Tirana this past week. President Neal said it would be beneficial for me to go. (hint hint) that I have a chance to stay here and be Branch President for a few months. Crazy stuff. So those are my two destinys right now.

Well I am going to send you all some pictures now. I hope you all have a great week.

Elder Eckel

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