Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Albania Pictures!

We just got these in the email this week from Austin. Looks like Albania is treating him well!


Kevin said...

Dear Elder Eckels family. We were excited to find your blog. You might find this site fun to read http://placeinthechoir.blogspot.com/ Pres. and Sis. Neil's blog.
Sounds like Austin and Kevin have similar attitudes and immediate love for Albania.

PS Mailing has proven to be easier than we thought. Send small boxes regular post titled "Snacks"

Alexis! said...

I am on Lexi's (Austin's sister)blog so I can write a comment! How fun that you found this!! It is neat to be able to communicate with the family of Austin's trainer!! Thanks for the tips on shipping things. Let us know if you can give us any other good advice! We are so excited for Austin. We prayed he would have a great trainer and Austin seems to love Elder Warburton! Thanks for commenting! Karen Eckel (Austin's Mom)

Kevin said...

Kevin suggested looking up Austin's music and this was a bonus. He was very happy with his cun(son). My email is warann@gmail.com if you ever have a question. Not that I can answer Kevin hasn't been there that long but has loved every minute.

Annette Warburton (Kevin's mom)